Things you may want to know

What is the line-up for the band?

The standard Corra line-up is Bass, drums, guitar (Acoustic and Electric), fiddle and one front person/lead singer/caller. There is also a male singer and two backing vocalists. We do have packages to include additional vocalists, keyboards, saxophone or a three piece horn section if the budget will allow.

What kind of Music do you play?

Corra effortlessly switch between genres and perform styles ranging from Jazz, Swing, Rock n Roll, Soul, Funk, Disco and Traditional Scottish. The ceilidh is big part of what we do and is interspersed throughout the night. This lends itself to the natural ebb and flow of an evening, making sure your guests have the energy to stay on the dancefloor all night.

How much time does the ceilidh take up?

An average night (though we work to an individual crowd) will include around four or five dances. The usual dances are Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Strip The Willow and an Eightsome Reel. For the more experienced ceilidh dances we will include a circasian circle or a Highland Scottische. We have a repertoire of 14 dances so we are happy to perform a favourite. All dances are called by an experienced caller.

Would the band be prepared to travel?

Distance is no object and travel costs and or accommodation may be necessary for long journeys. We love to travel though and have travelled to some far flung places.

How long do you play for and what happens during you’re break?

This depends on the type of event you are holding. For weddings an average night would last for four hours – (usually from 8 until midnight). Playlists are used to entertain your guests during the band’s break. If you would like to make up your own playlist for this time this is no problem.

Will you learn my favourite song?

Corra are more than happy to learn and perform any first dance requests, within the realms of our capabilities.

What does the band wear?

All band members are dressed smartly in black except the lead singer(s) who wear a colourful evening gown in fitting with the dress code of the event.

Will the band I see be the band that play at my event?

Corra are a 16 strong team of experienced and professional musicians who are all trained to the same level. This flexibility allows us to ensure no compromise is made to the performance in the event of illness etc. Corra have three front persons who have the same repertoire, degree of experience and skill. The singer you see/hear will be the singer that plays for you at your event.

Do you have your own lighting?

Corra come complete with their own lighting rig to make sure that the band members are well lit and your guests are treated with a very impressive and professional outfit. Additional lighting can be provided on request.

Does the band have insurance?

In the unlikely event of any accidents, Corra are fully covered. Corra provide public liability for up to £10, 000, 000. Please request a copy of our terms and conditions for full details.

What happens in the event of illness?

Corra use a pool of musicians of a very high standard. This ensures that in the event of illness the quality of the band is not compromised by an individual’s absence. In the unlikely event that the lead singer is taken unwell another Corra singer of a similar style will be used.

Do you call the ceilidh dances?

Corra lead vocalists are also very experienced callers so all your guests from far and wide will have assistance in getting to know how to have a real Scottish dancing experience.

How long does the band take to set up?

The band need a full one hour to set up. This is necessary to carry out a full sound check prior to the performance and cannot be reduced even if your event over runs.

How much does it cost to book Corra?

This is dependant upon the size of band you book and where your wedding is. We have different packages available. Give us a call to chat through your options.

How do we book corra?

First we need to check your date. Then a £250 deposit is required to secure your date. On receipt of a booking form and payment of deposit, a contract is sent to you to be signed. This is a legally bound document that requires both signatures and we won’t work without it.

Can we see the band live?

We hold quarterly showcases in Edinburgh. 


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